3 Essential Elements Of Home Design

3 Essential Elements Of Home DesignHome designing is one such activity that can bring you moments of joy as well as bouts of anxieties throughout the process. It is fun to design your home the way you have been dreaming. It is equally tiring and can become overwhelming when you fail to achieve your mission. Therefore, there are some things you must never go astray from. What are they and how can they help our home look beautiful, let us have a look.

  • Furniture – The first important item that any home designing project would consist of is definitely furniture. Furniture is a lifetime investment and accounts for one of the major assets that any owner has. Life without it cannot be imagined. In fact, where earlier they were purchased just for the purpose they served, times have changed over the years. Now people look for style and designs in furniture too. They do not believe in buying any piece that they first come across. On the other hand, they plan for it well in advance. Since there is a range of furniture types available in the market, you are surely going to be spoilt for choice. That is why the kind of furniture to be bought would depend upon a number of factors. The three most important out of all are as follows:
    • Theme of the house
    • Color schemes to be applied
    • Your individual style

Based on these factors, you will have to decide which furniture would be an ideal choice for your home. Today, furniture material is not just limited to wood but more than that. It is easy to find furniture made from materials like plastic, aluminum, wrought iron and the like. You can purchase any of them depending on what you would like to see in your home.

  • Paint – Painting the walls in an appropriate color is also one of the necessities of home design project. It helps achieve the perfect look for your home. Color trends come and fade each season. You may choose to follow these trends but it would still be better to stick with what you like. Also, you may have no idea but colors can instantly do wonders. For example, if you have small congested rooms, make use of light colors rather than darker ones. This will make the room look much spacious. Similarly, bright colors can be used to paint rooms that receive less to no sunlight.
  • Additional things – Upgrade your flooring especially if you are revamping your home from head to toe. Doing so must not be avoided more so if you have outdated flooring. Apart from that, installation of suitable window coverings can have a phenomenal effect on the overall design of your house. What is good is that window coverings are not expensive so that buying them can assure you that you are doing no harm to your budget. In addition to all this, extra accessories would be advised. They would help give a much stylish appearance to your home.

Decorating Ideas For Kids’ Room

Decorating a room for your child is as important as decorating your room. Décor of kids’ room affects their minds and lives considerably. So, try to make their room as creative as possible. Here are some tips that will help you to make your little master’s room inspiring and bright.

  • Decorating Ideas For Kids’ RoomKids love fantasy world and you can make one for them by decorating their room in a creative way. You can use creative wall painting for walls and draw toys, cartoon characters etc. You can ask professionals to paint walls with your imagination. Make sure that you use bright and funky colors for paint. You can paint stars and moon on the ceiling, which can make them feel excited when they turn off the lights. You can stick radium stickers to make the room glow in the night. An inspiring room brings the best in them. For boys you can use colors like blue with a sports theme like football, baseball etc. on the contrary, for girls you can use colors like pink, purple with a fairy or mermaid theme.
  • Arrange things like furniture pieces at their height so that they can use them whenever they want. Place bookracks, coat racks, and tables within their reach. This helps them to become organized. Don’t use bed with sharp edges as it can hurt them while playing. Also make sure the bed you buy for them is not high as kids love to roll and jump.
  • Lights play a vital role in changing the look of the kids’ room. If you have used funky colors and graphics then, choose lights that can bring out the desired effect. If you have used dark colors then make sure you have used enough lights to make the room look bright and airy.
  • You can use printed bed sheets and curtains of cartoon characters or you can also go for funky patters. Girls’ room usually has curtains of flower prints. Various designs are available these days in different colors.
  • You can hang funky paintings or wallpapers on the walls to make the room interesting. Ask your child about his aspirations for career and hang pictures of their role model and inspiring quotes to keep them motivated.
  • Find a creative and functional study table to place in your kids’ room and pair it with comfortable chair. Try to buy a table with a bookshelf mounted on it and drawers to keep their papers. It becomes easy for them to organize their books and they can easily take out one while studying on the table. Don’t forget to help them in organizing their wardrobes. Make proper compartments so that it becomes easy for them to organize their clothes and other items.

Kids’ room affects their personality, so bring freshness and brightness to their rooms. Kids may not be able to decorate their room so their parents should do it for them. You can also do some research on the internet to decorate your kids’ room

Ways To Redecorate Your Home

If you are bored with the old elements in your home then you can redecorate your home to give a new cool look to your place. We may have many aspirations to give a different look to the home. But with inflating prices of everything, we have to limit our aspirations. We can always follow some affordable ways to redecorate our home.

Ways To Redecorate Your HomePaint the walls- a new coat of paint can completely change the look of your home. Though it is an expensive way to transform the look of your room, but investment in paint lasts for many years. You can borrow shade card from a paint store or take ideas from Internet to choose colors for the walls. Visualize how those colors will look like on the finished walls. Use soothing and light colors as they give a feeling of peace and make the room look bigger. Dark colors make the room depressing and make it look smaller. If you face any difficulty in deciding the colors then, take help of paint store. They take pictures of your home and fill colors on the walls using their software. This will make a clear picture in your mind that helps you in choosing the colors for your home. Pillars, molding or any bulging out area can be painted with a contrasting colors. Flat finish paint is used in ceilings and for walls, you can use paint in semi gloss finish.

Curtains- curtains with color combinations can give a vibrant and refreshing look to your place. Curtains come in variety of prints like floral, blocks, printed or some mix and match prints. Block printed curtains are best suited for offices, libraries or study rooms. Floral and printed curtains look good in bedrooms and living rooms. You can use them in combination too. Like net floral curtains can be used in combination with thick printed curtains. Light and soothing colors of curtains create a relaxing environment in our bedrooms. On the contrary, vibrant colors are the best suited for our living rooms where we make happy memories with friends and family.

Antique items and paintings- guests visiting your place will not be able to take their eyes off the walls once you hang a beautiful painting or a piece of art on the wall. Besides, you can also keep a beautiful statue in a corner to make the place look wonderful. That doesn’t mean that you have to empty your pockets. You can find such pieces in art galleries on discount.

Plants- plants can give a refreshing look to your home. Buy some according to the available space and weather. If your place is small then you can plant some flower bonsais instead of huge plants. You can also keep money plants in the room to create a relaxing environment inside the home.

Lighting- your hard work of redecorating the house goes waste if the lighting is dull. Proper lighting in the house reenergizes you. You can also highlight a particular place with lights that makes it look even more wonderful.

These tips will transform the look of your house. However, you should take utmost care while selecting the items to decorate the house. Always consider theme and budget before buying items to set the home décor.