How To Design An Office Interior

How To Design An Office InteriorThe interior of your office reflects the kind of business you deal in. It should create a positive environment for the employees and should leave a good impression on the clients and visitors. The design sets the mood and helps in increasing the efficiency and performance of employees. You can consult an interior designer to set the décor. However, there are some tips that will help to design your office interior.

Furniture- furniture plays a major role while designing the interior of your office. Employees cannot work without chairs, desks and cabinets. Besides, you need to keep your files or documents in a safe place. To pick up furniture pieces for your office, you should first consider its quality. Wooden furniture always looks classy and goes with any type of colors. Teak wood and mahogany wood are the finest type of wood that remains durable for years. With durability, consider the comfort level of desks and chairs, as this is the place where employee has to spend its 8-9 hours. Go for adjustable and good looking chairs and technology integrated desks that possess integrated cabling system. Besides, be careful while choosing the color of furniture. Go for vibrant colors if you do creative work like graphic design or something related to art.

Colors- just like your home, your office needs to be filled with colors which look soothing to the eyes. Colors affect your thinking therefore choose colors of the wall according to the services you offer. For example, restaurants are painted with red color as it invokes hunger. Light colors especially in the white tones are perfect for professions like accounts, medicine or law. Bright colors like green, yellow or blue are good for creative professions like painting.

Flooring and Lighting- lights help in creating the overall look of the office and setting the mood of the employees. Areas of attention should be perfectly lit. For example if you visit an office of a product company, then all the products should be kept under perfect lights. Dark areas can give a feeling of depression or uneasiness. Proper flooring is also required while designing the office. Flooring should be such that it becomes easy to clean for the cleaning staff. It should be done after taking traffic, budget and taste into consideration. Besides, carpets or mats on the door side look good.

Bathrooms- bathrooms are often overlooked while designing the office. They should be perfectly cleaned and maintained. Use easily washable tiles while designing the bathroom and put necessary toiletries there. Besides, your office should have at least one bathroom for the handicapped people.

Partition and ceiling- don’t forget about sound proof system, glasses, fire protection and relocatability while designing the partition of the office. Make partitions in the way that look airy and contemporary. Don’t over utilize or under utilize the space to make partitions. Use materials for ceiling that suit your budget.

Make your workplace creative with these ideas and create a homely environment for the employees.