How To Design A Small Space

All the small and big apartments are designed with the same design principles. However, small spaces should be given extra care while designing. Focus should always be on maximizing the space along with stylish looks. Small spaces should be clutter free and should be free from unused items and appliances. Besides, here are some tips that should be followed in order to give your small room a spacious look.

  • How To Design A Small SpaceIf you are building a new house and the space is less then make sure that you incorporate as many windows as possible and ceiling of the room is high. These tricks can give an illusion of a large room. Besides, if your room has uneven walls then you can paint horizontal stripes along the length of the wall. It makes your room look bigger by distracting your focus from uneven wall.
  • If you want your room to be airy and feel open then, use lights colors on the walls like ivory or colors in white tone. This may not give an interesting look to your room. However there are other things that you can do to make your room look amazing. You can use contrasting light colors or if you want to use dark color then use it on one wall opposite to the bed. Maximize light source by additional lamps or window.
  • Decorate walls with paintings and art that are small in size. Small vertical frames on vertical walls and horizontal frames on horizontal walls provide a sense of flow to the eye while moving from one room to the next. Hang paintings above the eye level so that you keep looking up as it helps to make the room look spacious. Also if you are going to hang shelves on the wall then, go for vertical and tall shelves.
  • Be careful while choosing the furniture for your small room. Don’t clutter your floor area with unnecessary furniture in small space and avoid bulky furniture pieces. Like you can use bookshelves instead of bookcase. Choose fabrics and colors that give a streamlined look. Besides, avoid contrasting colors in the furniture and go for soothing light colors. While arranging the furniture, consider the space and measure dimensions of the area. Arrange in a way to have ample space for the movement and try to provide a cohesive look to the room. Make sure that you make your place more functional with multipurpose furniture. Like you can buy sofa bed that can be used for seating in the daytime and can be used as a bed in the night. Ensure that all walkways are clear and are not hindered by any furniture piece.

Small spaces don’t mean that you have to compromise with the style of your room. You can follow these steps and use beautiful accessories to make the room look interesting. Modular furniture is the best choice when it comes to choosing the style for your smaller room. Its sleek designs and functionality fulfill your needs for storage in one compact area.

Latest Home Design Trends

Your home design is composed of the interior theme, the furniture and the decorative items that are chosen for your rooms. If you are planning a home redesign to make it look modern and stylish, then follow some of the latest design trends that are mentioned below:

  • Latest Home Design TrendsCreativity comes with patterns- patterned furniture is very popular these days. This is especially true for the living room furniture. Sofas and couches these days are available in a number of patterns, colors and designs that make them look quite contemporary. Gone are the days of monotonous sofa. Now, you have all the rights to paint your living room like canvas and feel like an artist. Let your creative juices flow and play with the patterns. Most of the people like to go with artistic or geometric patterns. However, a few minimalistic floral patterns are in trends too.
  • Storage Beds- beds are one of the largest pieces of furniture that you can buy for your home. They occupy a lot of space and are generally very difficult to move. You must use this space consuming feature of the beds and then them into positives for yourself. Storage beds are much in demand these days. These beds have underbed spaces that can be used to store your seasonal cloths, quilts, blankets and everything else that you might like.
  • Antique furniture with a twist- antique furniture has a unique charm of its own that cannot be surpassed by any other kind of style. However, modern homes do not have enough of space and elements to accommodate the big and bulky antique items. You can still get all these items home by buying antique furniture that comes with a modern twist. This kind of antique reproduction furniture is available in many modern colors and designs which makes them perfect to be kept in a modern home.
  • Big furniture is gone, time for small- the trends suggest that people are now moving away from big furniture items that are excessively overpriced. They are now opting for the smaller furniture made of solid material that comes at an affordable price. There is not much of arm space, nor are the pieces supersized.
  • White is the color of the season- be it the furniture of the house or the paint accents on the walls, white has carved a niche for itself. This kind of furniture is much in demand these days and people are really looking forward to buying white painted furniture. It matches well with any kind of contemporary décor and also gives a unique sophistication to the room.
  • Modern industrial design is in for home offices and kids’ rooms- the modern industrial style is based on the use of metal with wood or other materials. The designs are usually minimalistic but are quite practical and functional. Therefore, home offices and kids’ room furniture is being made available in this style. It packs in all the elements of beauty, sophistication and practical designs. Making it a perfect choice for the rooms.