Modular Kitchen Design Tips

Modular Kitchen Design TipsYour cooking can be fun with modular kitchen design. Interior designers go for different shapes of kitchen these days like L-shaped, U-shaped or parallel. L-shaped kitchen is perfect for medium and small sized kitchen and parallel kitchen provides a large storage space. Before you decide to give a shape to your kitchen, consult an architect or interior designer to have a perfect kitchen. Although, here are some tips that you can follow while designing your kitchen.

Countertops- countertops are the most essential part of the kitchen. They should be heat resistant, sturdy and should look stylish. Granite counter tops are popular these days. It is quite durable, expensive and makes the kitchen look shiny. You can also go for wooden tops. But they are prone to scratches and hence are not durable. If your budget is low then you can go for black limestone to make countertops. The color of your countertop should match with your kitchen furniture and walls. In case of big kitchen, you can install an island counter that gives you an extra space to keep utensils or appliances.

Cabinets- layout and design of your kitchen depends upon the cabinets you are going to install. Start with measuring the dimensions of the area where you want to install a cabinet. Decide the purpose and kind of cabinet you want to have in your kitchen. The wall with no windows and doors can be used to have long cabinets from ceiling to tops. These cabinets are called pantry units that have enough space for storage. Corner areas can be used to have glass shutters that make the kitchen look beautiful. Whatever material you choose for kitchen cabinets, make sure that it is heat, water and scratch resistant. The best is to have cabinets of mild steel with powder coats. If you choose wood for the cabinets then, it will require frequent polishing. You can also go for steel, PVC and glass.

Flooring and Wall tiles- flooring and wall tiles of the kitchen are definitely an important part of your kitchen. They should be easy to clean and stain resistant. Therefore, ceramic tiles are an excellent option as they are easy to maintain. These are available in various designs, textures and colors. Whatever color and design you chose, it should complement the cabinets and countertop of your kitchen. Large size tiles make your kitchen look bigger.

Sink- sink in your kitchen must be easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel and porcelain are the best choice for sinks. Avoid installing granite or stone sinks, as they are likely to collect dirt. Sink must always be within your reach while working.

Furniture- you can place a metal dining table or a small drop table with two chairs at a corner in small kitchens for eating purposes. If you have island counter then, you can place chairs or stools with it for eating and drinking. Besides, you can keep small stools for resting while working.

Colors- colors you choose for you kitchen should be light like ivory or yellow and should complement the kitchen accessories and furniture. However, you can use colors like blue or red for larger kitchens.

Other than these aspects, make sure that you select right hardware and appliances for your kitchen.